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Available Scholarship in Canada 2021

Scholarships to Apply for in Canada

  1. David Johnston – Lebovic Foundation International Experience Awards in Canada
  2. Ubakata Fund for Japanese Students at the University of Toronto in Canada.
  3. President’s funding for World Leaders for International Students in Canada.
  4. University Entrance Scholarship at Concordia University of Edmonton, Canada.
  5. International Undergraduate Student Bursary at the University of Alberta in Canada.
  6. General Bursary Program at the University of British Columbia in Canada.
  7. TSoM Love Canada Diploma Scholarships for International Students in Canada.
  8. VISTA Postdoctoral Fellowships at York University in Canada
  9. merit awards for International Students at CEGEP in Canada
  10. ESL Graduate Bursary for International Students at University of Saskatchewan.

Funding to Study in Canada

Although the course fees for international students may seem like pocket money compared to other countries, paying for higher education can still be very difficult. Unless you have a money tree in your backyard, you’ll likely be applying for programmes to help cut some of the cost.

Universities in Canada offer a broad range of their own scholarships, ranging from academic and athletic achievements to more specific individual fields of studies. It is also a good idea to thoroughly research organizations in your home country that are offering study-abroad scholarships.

As with any money-grab, competition is generally quite high. Find your ways to stand out and apply as early and to as many as possible.

Although the application for a student visa requires you to prove that you’ll have sufficient funds for the duration of your studies WITHOUT work, getting a job on or off campus is an excellent way to supplement some of your spending money. As a full-time student in Canada, you are entitled to work 20 hours/week during semesters and full time during winter/summer breaks.

How to Apply to Study in Canada

Applications vary depending on the institution, but generally you will need to prove your language proficiency, provide transcripts from previous education, prove financial stability, and medical coverage. Ensuring you meet all the requirements for the institution you wish to apply to is a key step in saving trouble in the future.

When applying for most universities, you will need to choose your major. If you are unsure exactly what this may be, don’t fret. Canadian universities are generally quite flexible with changing majors later.

Designated Learning Institutes are schools that are approved by a provincial or territorial government to host international students. Be doubly sure you are applying to a school that is on this list.

You should apply no later than March if you wish to begin studying in September. Some universities have different deadlines, so be sure to research the universities you wish to apply for.

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